Skull Door Base
Skull Paper Weight
Snake 12" figure Snake
Asia Exclusive

Snake Man
Snake Woman
Socerer's Spy
Spectreman 1:6 scale Resin Model WF Limited
Suger Hill Zombies
Supreme Intelligence
Swamp Witch
Teenage Frankenstein Bust
Teenage Werewolf Bust
Terror Doll
Terror Doll Attack
The Monster Resin Model Kit
The 2 Headed Cerbius Wolf
The Box Demon
The Brain That Wouldn't Die (Closet Monster)
The Brain That Wouldn't Die (DELUXE DIORAMA)
The Brain That Wouldn't Die (Jan In A Pan)
The Crawling Hand
The Crimson Ghost
The Egyptian Stranglehold
The Energy Being
The Grand Lunar
The Green Hornet
The High Priest of Karnak Medallion
The Incredible 2 Headed Transplant
The Invaders Ray Gun
The Killer Shrews
The Manitou
The Mole People
The Monster & Ludwig (Court Confrontation)
The Monster (Ygor King Of The World)
The Outer Limits Kits
The Phantom Creeps Robot
The Possessed
The Slime People
The Thing Blair Bust 1:3 Resin Model
The Thing Split Face mini-bust
The Thing That Couldn't Die
The Tingler
Titan Sea Monster
Tor From Outer Space
Torch Door Base
Triclops Three Eyed Baby Fetus Skeleton

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