Crest Of Dracula Ring (SOLD OUT)
Crest Of Dracula Ring
(The Ultimate Edition)

Crypt Keeper
Crystalline Parasite
Curse Of The Faceless Man
Darren McGavin as The Stalker
Dead Dawn Bust
Dead Ed
Diorama Accessories
Dr. Roy Clinton Ce-Altered Ego
Dungeon Door Base
Eating The Cannibals 1/4 scale Bust
Ebonite Interrogator
Egyptian High Priest Medallion
Emma Peel
Eric The Phantom
Eros Creature
Female Victim Embedded In Wall
Frankenstein Monster & Boy
Frankenstein Old Age
Frankenstein's Daughter (SOLD OUT)
Frederick As Mr. Hyde
Full Moon Fever Bust
Fun House Freak
Gargantuans Fighting Diorama
Gargoyle Door Base
Gate Minion
Gillman Creature Head Cup
Gillman Creature Head Pin
Gillman Creature Ring
Glenn The Strange Monster
Gorn Enemy Alien
Gort & Klaatu
Gothic Door Base
Gothic Vampire
Graveyard Base
Gwyllm Griffiths
Han In Carbonite
Harold J. Finley
Haunted House Crest
Haunted House Ghost Buggy
Honey I'm Home
Humanoid From The Deep
I Married A Monster From Outer Space

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