The Mole People
The Monster Of Piedras Blancas
The Outer Limits Kits
The Phantom Creeps Robot
The Possessed
The Slime People
The Thing That Couldn't Die
The Tingler
The White Oak Guillotine 1/6 scale (Heads Will Roll)
Titan Sea Monster
Toho Frankenstein 1/6 Full Action Figure (Discontinued)
Tor From Outer Space
Torch Door Base
Toys & Figures
Turd Monster
Turu The Terrible
Vampire Hunter Killing Kit : Museum Quality ZTC-AF01 (Discontinued)
Vampire Hunter Killing Kit Small Version ZTC-AF02 (Discontinued)
Venom Charging
Village Of The Dammed
Vincent Price House On Haunted Hill Tribute
Vincent Price Mask Of Red Death Plaque
Vorvon Space Vampire
Walking Dead Zombie
X Agent Bust Set
XNO Frank N Pop
XNO Swoop
XNO Zombo
Young Igor
Young Jason 1/6 figure 12"
Zanti Regent Commander
ZomBee Toy Company
Zombi 12" figure Deluxe Edition ZTC-MZ01 (Discontinued)
Zombie Caution T-Shirt
Zombie Master Bust

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