Haunted House Crest
Haunted House Ghost Buggy
Honey I'm Home
Humanoid From The Deep
I Married A Monster From Outer Space
Ichthyosaurus Mercurius
Innersanctum Door Base
Inspector Clay (Tor Johnson)
It The Terror From Outer Space
Jar Alien
Jason Corpse Prop Ultimate Autographed Edition
John Carradine as Dracula
Killers From Space
King Kong Died For Our Sins T-Shirt
Klaris The Mummy
Kong Fighting V-Rex
Lab Door Base
Lady Sylvia
Laser Blast Alien
Leather Face
Light Saber Set
Limbo Man
Lon After Midnight
Lon The Lychanthrope
Lucas Child Winged Demon
Luna The Vamp
Lunch Break Zombie
Mace Alien
Mad Doctor Beaker Table
Mad Doctor Body Parts Table
Mad Doctor Book Table
Mad Doctor Brain Experiment Table
Mad Doctor Generator Table
Mad Doctor Hypo & Tool Table
Mad Doctor Lab Mixing Table
Mad Doctor Study Table
Mad Doctor Tesla Table
Maligant Alien Plants
Mars Attacks Naked Martian
Medieval Large Dragon
Midget Monster Kits
Mikie Microbe Monster

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